Spell Corrector for Figma

Use Spell Inspector Figma plugin for mistake-free Figma designs. It searches for spelling mistakes and correct them with a single click!

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How it works

Identify mistakes

The plugin quickly scans through the whole page of your Figma project. It will identify and list out all possible spell errors.

Check where they occur

All possible words that may need correction will be displayed in a list. You will also see the number of times they occur.

Correct them with one click

Click on a word to highlight all the places that have that word. You can choose to replace that word with the correct one.

Avoid embarrassing typos

We all have been there. It happened, but not anymore. You do not need to check each piece of text on your project to make sure it is correct, Spell Inspector does that for you!

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Is it really FREE?

Yes! It is going to be FREE. We plan to add some more features that may come in a paid plan but for now, the basic version will remain free.

Does that only work with Figma?

Currently, it is only available for Figma. We plan to launch this plugin for other platforms like Adobe XD, Sketch, and some more.

How to run Spell Inspector Figma Plugin?

Install this plugin from this website. Open your Figma Project and launch the Spell Inspector plugin from the Plugins section of the menu.

Is it available in other languages?

Spell Inspector Figma Plugin is currently supporting English language. Support for other languages will also be available in future.

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